Veteran Friendly Businesses

GreenZone Hero honors those who have dedicated their lives to serve our country. These brave Veterans and their families move from location to location regularly. It’s our goals to showcase companies and business that are proud of our Veterans and support their causes. It’s also important for Veterans to have a source to easily locate these Veteran Friendly Businesses.

It’s difficult when you move to a new area and establish roots. It’s even harder when you are a Veteran who needs to quickly find what they need and get settled before they have to move again.

In addition to being Veteran Friendly, some businesses offer military discounts to service members now have a way to reach these Vets.

GreenZone Hero website lists businesses nationwide that are Vet Friendly. GreenZone Hero provides tangible recognition and appreciation for both businesses and veterans – a place where veterans in particular can find, select, and show their support by patronizing businesses that openly and proudly “do the right thing”!

GreenZone Hero makes it easy to list your business and it offers five unique medals that help Veterans recognize you as a GreenZone Hero Member. Each medal has a unique meaning including Veteran Discounts, Veteran owned Businesses, Businesses who Employee Veterans, Businesses who Donate to Veteran Charities or causes, and Hires Disabled Veterans.

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