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Mykel Hawke, LLC

4706 Chiquita Blvd S., Suite 103
Cape Coral, FL 33914

Mykel Hawke, LLC
4706 Chiquita Blvd S., Suite 103
Cape Coral, FL 33914



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  • Retired (2011) U. S. Army Special Forces Officer, Captain, 18A, O-3E
  • Last Assignment: U.S. Army Special Forces Command, Fort Bragg, NC
  • Enlisted (1982) serving active duty 12 years; Reserves and Guard for 12-plus years
  • Sr. Enlisted Sgt. 1st Class; SF Medic (18D), SF Commo (18E), SF Intel (18F)
  • Combat Infantryman Badge, SF Tab, 1998 State Dept. Small Contractor of the Year
  • Held Top-Secret Clearance
  • Served and worked in numerous conflicts as soldier and contractor


  • Married to U.K. TV Presenter, Ruth England, with one son
  • Two adult sons from a previous marriage and a grandson and granddaughter
  • MS degree in Psychology, UCA; BS degrees in Biology, UNY
  • Rated and paid in several languages
  • 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Aikido; 1st Degree Blackbelt in Judo
  • Started a war-zone medical business, Global Univision, in the early 90's
  • Started Specops in the mid-90's, survival and adventure for families and corporations
  • FCC Radio Operator License, National Registry Paramedic License
  • PADI Scuba Diver and member of the Green Beret Parachute Club
  • Licensed in Firearms
  • Extreme Adventure and Preparedness Instructor
  • Home, Garden, and Transport Survival Advisor


  • Hawke has signed a 3-book deal with Skyhorse Publishing!
  • Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual
  • Hawke's Special Forces Handbook
  • The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast
  • Co-Author with Kim Martin: Jake Tyler thriller In the Dark of the Sun
  • Purchase Mykel's books from AMAZON


  • Worked with many top tactical companies, including Quartermaster
  • Current products designed sold and distributed by Hawke Brand with Green Supply
  • Purchase and learn more about Mykel's Products at Hawkebrand.com


  • Hawke is appearing in new SHOWS
  • Star of the Travel Channel's series Lost Survivors
  • Creator and Star of Discovery Channel's Man Woman Wild and One Man Army
  • Executive Producer and Star of Outdoor Channel's Elite Tactical Unit
  • For a more complete list of Mykel's TV and Film credits visit his IMDB trade page




  • Mykel runs custom Courses as well as Spy Games and Commando Adventures