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Straight Outta Combat Radio Show-Dan Ploger-US ARMY Vietnam Veteran

Straight Outta Combat series hosted by Sara Troy of Self-Discovery Radio and John Krotec of GreenZone Hero, with guest Dan Ploger, on air from October 3rd. 

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Dan is 71 years young, Born in Washington DC, the son of an Army General.  Vietnam combat veteran from 1968-69. Spent 15 months in the country as a combat engineer – bulldozer and heavy truck operator. Duties included jungle clearing, building landing zones, base camps for the various infantry units and artillery pads. With my low-boy truck – when not hauling my bulldozer, I hauled heavy equipment, tanks and miscellaneous freight. My rank was a Specialist E5 – heavy equipment operator.

As an army brat, Dan lived around the world growing up. He lived in Maryland, Okinawa, Washington State, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Paris, France, until leaving for college in 1964. He attended 9 different schools before graduating high school.

Born with the gift of wonder, Dan Ploger is an entrepreneur, management consultant, executive coach, strategist, planner, author, team builder, designer, constructor, columnist, manufacturer, manufacturing visionary, crisis manager, engineer, business turnaround specialist among others.  For hobbies he sketches, golfs, oil paints, plays guitar, mandolin and keyboards, writes music, dances, writes and teaches – a modern-day renaissance man.

Early in his career, he was an engineer and automotive executive for US, Japanese and German automakers. In 1990 he founded a $3 million business consulting enterprise that he led for 15 years. There he saved his clients over $2 billion in non-productive operating costs as well as developing new strategies for the creation of wealth and longevity for his business clients. Over 250 successful consulting engagements elevated Ploger to one of the manufacturing’s top problem solvers.

A proponent of the law of inherent simplicity, Ploger possesses a rare ability to reduce complex issues into their component parts.  He then measures those components to formulate creative solutions for seemingly complicated problems.

Spent most of my working years based in Nashville, TN, but travelled extensively.

He was diagnosed with P.T.S.D and is a patient under care by the VA.


Ploger earned his BS and MS degrees from Michigan State University followed by a year of post-graduate business studies at the University of Michigan. [In his soon-to-be-published book, Structural Innovation, ] he explores how we think, the critical role emotions play in human reasoning, and a binary model of the human and non-human emotional system.

Now a full-time hobbyist, Ploger is free to explore his life passion for figuring out how things work.




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