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"Don't Become A Hot Potato (Integral Core Values Matter)"


Whether we know them, believe them, care about them or not may seem irrelevant to us at times. But honestly, they are relevant all the time.  Think about it. Potential clients and customers make important buying decisions every single day and these decisions will eventually determine our corporate success or even worse, our failure. Some studies suggest that such consumer decisions are based on subconscious thoughts surrounding integral core values.

So, what are your corporate core values? What are your company’s fundamental beliefs? What are the guiding principles for your company? What corporate mantra are you trying to establish? These questions need to be answered honestly and once determined, they need to be conveyed succinctly throughout your entire company. Without core values, a company will not last long in today’s business world. Without integral core values, corporate existence may be like a hot potato. Let me explain.

Despite what we might think as business owners (or managers), customers perceive more than we think they do. Customers are smart. They might be fooled for a while, but once they see through any kind of hype, experience failed promises, or purchase shoddy product(s) they will leave, they will quit supporting you, and they will drop you like a hot potato. The best advice for not becoming a hot potato came from a close friend of mine. He said, “John, write down your company’s core values and stick to them. If you make a mistake or stray from them, then find a way to get back on track quickly. If you can do that then you will be successful.” I thank God for friends like him.

The real challenge for business owners and managers is to create their set of corporate core values. This is not a new business practice, it’s always been this way. Despite the challenges of today’s sometimes seemingly untrustworthy business world, it can still be done. Just remember, whatever method you use to create your list of corporate core values is going to take blunt honesty, microscopic-introspection, and some very serious thought. And it should, your corporate survival will depend on it. If your core values are integral, you’ll have staying power in business and you probably won’t become a hot potato. Only time and (I believe) integral core values will tell if your customers drop you or not. Good luck.  


"The Lost Art: Remembering Amy"

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