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GreenZone Hero and OPTACorp Join Forces For a Stronger America!

"Imagine: A More Productive America (GreenZone Hero & OPTACorp)"

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Every company is looking for the right employee to meet their needs. Someone who is motivated, who can follow instructions, who understands the concept of mission, who can adapt to changing environments, who can overcome great odds, who can work as a team player, and even shows up to work on time. Imagine specially trained people being part of your next board or company meeting. Imagine a can-do attitude permeating your corporate environment. Imagine increased productivity, reliability, and sales. Imagine giving your competition something to think about. GZH is proud to partner with a company that has the military credentials and the proven corporate experience and connections to match transitioning veterans with companies looking to acquire quality employees.

OPTACorp, founded by Marc Cuffaro, is an organization that truly understands the challenges facing transitioning service men and women and their families. They also understand corporate needs and provide a service that is un-matched in the veteran transition and placement industry. Unique, because they invest in the veteran's transition process and with the corporate clients looking to hire veterans. OPTACorps ™ mission is to assist special operations and uniquely qualified veterans as they transition from military service and successfully integrate them into careers in corporate America through targeted advisory, education, and placement programs. OPTACorp is different from other veteran placement companies. In preparation for post-military careers, they are able to provide transitioning service members case-by-case consulting and advisory organization.

OPTACorp is dedicated to investing in veterans, and their spouses, as they transition into the private sector. Their principles apply to their clients as well. They work closely with them to identify specific employment requirements to find the fully qualified veteran or military spouse to meet their corporate needs. And, they take their time with prospective employees, helping them navigate through the separation process while assisting them with resumes, social media accounts, and career and geographic desires. GZH and OPTACorp are dedicated to creating a more productive America by matching employers with veterans who have the spirit of Yorktown, the bravery of Gettysburg, the courage of Belleau Wood, the teamwork of D-Day, the perseverance of Khe Sahn, the decisiveness of Grenada, the sacrifices of Fallujah, ingrained in their character and work ethic. Today's veterans are ready to make the commitment to your corporation. Raise your corporate bar.


Contact OPTACorp and hire a qualified veteran today!  

If you are an American veteran seeking employment, please visit: http://optacorp.com/ 

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