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Operation Combat Candor

combatcandor PROJECT: Bravo748 and GreenZone Hero are teaming up to honor all branches of American Combat Veterans and Gold Star Families. As companies connected to serving and working with Veterans, our hope is to share publicly and collectively, the truth of what it means to pay the ultimate sacrifice, laying one's life down for friends. Military combat men and women, and their families live with courage, commitment, and character each and every day. Along our way, we have been privileged to meet many Veterans and Gold Star Family Members who have shared their pain with us - through their stories, music, poetry, tears, and touch. We invite American Combat Veterans and Gold Star Families to submit two poems that tell the story of your personal sacrifice - one representing the truth of your conflict along with one representing the truth of your healing. PROCESS: Combat Veterans and Gold Star Family Members (Mother, Father, Sibling) are invited to submit two synchronized poems. Poem 1: Conflict. Depict your truth of loss, pain, stigma, and/or sadness experienced during deployment, return from deployment, transition, loss of friend or family. Poem 2: Healing. Depict your truth of the journey from conflict to one of healing, hope, community, and/or connections. CRITERIA and POEMS SUBMISSION:

  • Submissions shall only be accepted from verified email addresses.
  • Submissions shall be original, written by the person submitting.
  • Only one (1) submission per person / email address.
  • A scanned copy of the DD214 or DD1300 shall be attached to the email to ensure authenticity of military service for family member.
  • Poems shall be provided in a text document attachment or in the body of the email.
  • Submission shall include author's name, branch of service, rank, relationship to author (self, son, daughter, brother, sister.)
  • Bravo748 and GreenZone Hero reserve the right to use any and all submissions, along with the author’s and veteran's names, information, and relationship to veteran, for use on either or both company’s social media, or other means of marketing throughout the lifetime of both companies.
  • Deadline for submission is14FEB17.
  • Email poems to Info@Bravo748.com.
OUTCOME:  Poems shall be reviewed and chosen by Bravo748 and GreenZone Hero representatives for final publication. Bravo748 and GreenZone Hero shall create a book, title and publication method to be determined, with the minimum following chapters:
  • Chapter representing male combat warriors,
  • Chapter representing female combat warriors,
  • Chapter representing Gold Star Mothers,
  • Chapter representing Gold Star Fathers,
  • Chapter representing Gold Star Siblings.
Bravo748 and GreenZone Hero say "Thank You" to Veterans and Gold Star Families for your service, sacrifice and love of America. We salute you! Email poems to Info@Bravo748.com.