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The Plumbing Place, a Veteran-Friendly GreenZone Hero Business Puts Best Practices Forward to Raise Funds for Marcus Lutrells, Lone Survivor Foundation.

The Plumbing Place of Sarasota, Florida is a GreenZone Hero member distinguished with 5 of the patented GreenZone Hero Medals. GreenZone Hero awards five unique patented-medals that help Veterans recognize businesses as a Green Zone Hero Member. Each medal has a unique meaning including one for Veteran Special Pricing, Veteran-Owned or Managed businesses, Businesses that Employ Veterans, Businesses that Donate to Veteran Charities or Causes, and/or Companies that Hire Disabled Veterans.

The Plumbing Place recently used its 30th Anniversary Celebration to recognize not only 30 years in business, but to pull together sponsors and the community to recognize Veterans and give back to a non-profit GreenZone Hero ambassador. The March 30th celebration showed appreciation to loyal customers and friends and manufacturers in the bath and kitchen products world.

Proceeds from the event and challenge were donated to GreenZone Hero, the "bridge" that connects veterans and their families with American businesses that honor and value their service. The total population of Veterans in Central and Southwest Florida is 525,000. And, the total population of Veterans in Florida is 1,640,900. This is the third largest population of Veterans in the nation.

John M. Smithman, President of The Plumbing Place, said in a letter to GreenZone Hero, "We applaud the work that your organization is doing for the active serviceman/servicewomen and veterans in our area, and are proud to be included in your list of veteran-friendly businesses."

John Krotec, Founder of GreenZone Hero recently presented the $5000 check to Marcus Lutrells Lone Survivor Foundation. John, a veteran himself, said, "My wife Ann and I were small business owners for twenty-three years. Businesses like The Plumbing Place represent the backbone of America-the small business owners that employ over 80% of the workers in the U.S. Without them, the American economy doesn't exist."

GreenZone Hero recently launched a Best Practices Operational Manual to members who join GreenZone Hero. This value-added service includes statistics, tips, and action plans for businesses to represent themselves as Veteran-Friendly. In addition, the GreenZone Hero platform utilizes cutting-edge SEO performance tools.

For more information visit www.greenzonehero.com, www.lonesurvivorfoundation.org, and www.theplumbingplace.com.

About GreenZone Hero: The GreenZone Hero mission is to increase awareness of businesses that offer benefits to veterans and to help Member businesses grow commerce and prosper. GreenZone hero also works to raise the profile of veteran-focused nonprofit foundations and to help raise donations and support for our Ambassador organizations.