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Got Medals?

Got Medals? Does your business have medals? GreenZone Hero has developed a unique way for Veterans to quickly recognize Veteran Friendly Businesses. Become a GreenZone Hero member and your business will be listed in q directory designed to help Veterans quickly find what they need. Thousands of Veterans access the directory each day. They can determine what type of service you offer based on these medals. GreenZone Hero offers five unique medals for: Veteran discounts, Veteran owned businesses, businesses who employ Veterans, businesses who donate to Veteran charities or causes, and business who hire disabled veterans. When a Veteran visits the site the medals make it easier for them to identify which type of GreenZone Hero you are. Join a community that cares about our Veterans. GreenZone Hero believes that recognition matters and we appreciate Veterans who selflessly serve our country. By providing a platform to connect with business that support our Veterans, GreenZone Hero is a great source that assist both Veterans and Veteran Friendly Business.