The GreenZone Hero “Membership” Benefits


Over 22 million (22,000,000) loyal veterans and a massive military affinity audience with a buying power of a trillion-dollars-a-year ($1,000,000,000,000) are looking for 'veteran-friendly' businesses that can supply them with goods and services.

Joining the GZH association of 'veteran-friendly' businesses shows your support for veterans and their families.  Being part of the GZH Mission to build commerce for its members will reap your company great economic rewards and carry an intrinsic value that no amount of money can buy.  GreenZone Hero membership includes:

  • A listing in our state-of-the-art enterprise website built by a Gold Star business.
  • Aggressive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure your business will be found online.
  • The opportunity to earn "medals" to display on your listing page(s) showing how your company supports veterans.
  • Enewsletters with information you can pass along to your customers to remind them that you support our veterans.
  • A GZH Battlestar decal to display on your front door or window.
  • A formatted GZH logo to display on your company website.
  • A donation paid to support one of our 'veteran-focused' non-profit Ambassadors in your company's name.

Certified B Corporation PendingWe encourage all American businesses to help with our mission to assist Veterans. We invite them to join the GreenZone Hero community. When they enlist as a GreenZone Hero “Veteran-Friendly” Business, GZH pays a portion of their membership fee to one of our GZH veteran-focused non-profit ambassdors. And, when they renew their yearly subscription, we pay our ambassadors a residual income as well. Becoming a GreenZone Hero 'Veteran-Friendly' Business is a great way for businesses to honor what they do for Veterans and Active Duty Personnel and to tell their business story, too!

Lone Survivor Foundation Funding Membership

$499.00/year (10% of this fee will be donated to the Lone Survivor Foundation)


lsf_logo.jpgHelp fund Lone Survivor Foundation, one of our "veteran-focused" ambassadors, by registering here now! All ambassador funding members receive the established Hero Subscription benefits.

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