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Adam's Road to Healing



I had the pleasure of meeting Adam Ellerbe this past July at a Wounded Warriors Weekend in Alberta Canada.  

Adam Ellerbe served 15 years in the United States army, reaching the rank pf Seargeant First Class.  In that time he deployed as a Special Forces Engineer to Afghanistan three times and twice to Iraq. He has since been diagnosed with “severe” PTSD by the VA and continues to face the barriers that come with it.

It was an emotional and inspiring thing to see Adam open up and come out of his shell over the weekend and It was thanks to being given some time with a fellow Warrior’s Service dog.  It gave us all a chance to get to know adam better and see what an incredibly loving, and kind and person he is. 

After seeing first hand what a huge impact the K9 interaction had on Adam, we have decided to help raise the funds to help Adam get his service dog so that he can continue to heal and live a healthy happy life with his family.  We truly believe that getting Adam this companion will continue to change his life for the better and for the long term. 

The campaign is being based here in Saskatchewan and will cost $15,000 USD ($18,933CAD).  100% of the donations will be going directly to getting Adam his companion . I have made the goal amount a bit higher to account for gofundme fees in hopes that we can raise and cover ALL needed costs. 

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who is donating and supporting Adam, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  You are changing Adam’s life and giving him back so SO much! 

With love and Thanks,

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