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Hot Wisconsin Cheese
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Hot Wisconsin Cheese

12525 Meggers Road
Kiel, WI 53042

Hot Wisconsin Cheese
12525 Meggers Road
Kiel, WI 53042




Your Cheese Aficionados

Based out of Kiel, Wisconsin, Randy and Tracy Reichert began their independent Hot Wisconsin Cheese business in 1992. The product started taking off at county fairs throughout Northern Indiana, but soon their solid business foundation allowed them to expand as far North as the Calgary Stampede and as far South as the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach. Along the way, they have also stopped at the Indiana State Fair, Georgia National Fair, and the Coastal Carolina Fair - just to name a few.

Just over 20 year later, their trademarked “Hot Wisconsin Cheese” is considered one of the most respected concession operations in North America. The quality of the product mixed with a collection of fantastic employees and a loyal fanbase have helped build the business to what it is today.

Randy and Tracy’s Hot Wisconsin Cheese has won numerous awards including Best New Vendor (2010) and Concession Finalist (2013) at the Calgary Stampede, the Award of Excellence at the Georgia National Fair (2008, 2014), and the Best Concessionaire Award at the State Fair of Virginia (2009, 2010).

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Award Winning Cheese Made with the Finest Ingredients

(Yes, it really is from Wisconsin)

The Hot Wisconsin Cheese menu consists of Mozzarella Fingers, Cheddar Nuggets, Jalapeno Cheddar, and our original product - the Swiss in Rye. 

All of our natural cheeses are hand-cut, dipped in our homemade tempura batter and deep-fried in canola oil for a crispy golden-brown finish. The cheese is paired with your choice of one of our four distinguished sauces - homemade pizza sauce, jalapeno ranch, buttermilk ranch or german mustard.  

All of our customers have their favorite cheeses, and “fan favorites” can really vary depending on what part of the country we’re in. The Swiss in Rye lovers never waver and have created their own cult-like following - some say once you go Swiss, you never go back.  While the Mozzarella Fingers are usually the overall best seller, our Cheddar Nuggets are what we refer to as, “beyond the curd” -  fried cheese curds are good, our Cheddar Nuggets step it up a notch in consistency and flavor.


The Jalapeno Cheddar can only be found through us as the cheese is specially made for us with a double batch of jalapeno pepper flakes and infused with a jalapeno liquid. We use a white Cheddar to create a greater flavor than your ordinary Monterey Jack cheese, and if you like things really hot, we’d of course recommend pairing this with our homemade jalapeno ranch sauce.

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