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An Allied Business Collaboration: GreenZone Hero, Inc. and Veteran-Owned.UK



The GreenZone Hero mission to improve business for companies that support veterans, active duty military and their families now extends beyond US borders. For us, it is equally important to recognize and collaborate with global partners in Countries that have supported American interests in conflicts around the world. These Country’s military forces have often stood toe-to-toe with our own in some tough environments.  One such collaboration now exists with Veteran-Owned.UK. Their Founder, former British Army Royal Engineer Scott Johnson, has created a company with a similar mission as ours. Scott’s primary focus is to honor and recognize veteran-owned UK companies. The current veteran population in the UK is approximately 2.6 million with 15,000 leaving military service every year. Scott believes it is extremely important to recognize and improve the business of companies owned by those who’ve served in his Country’s military. We both believe this is a better way to do business.

What’s interesting is that most businesses are already doing something for veterans, active military and their families. The challenge for them is to let potential customers know what those things are. GreenZone Hero and Veteran-Owned.Uk have created website platforms that let people know what it is these companies are doing-special pricing, employment opportunities, ownership, and if they actively support veteran-focused initiatives. 

Currently, we are working together to create even more “marketing and digital tools” for our individual client bases. These business-enhancement tools will help our members to differentiate themselves from their competition. A recent survey in America revealed that 97% of consumers are more likely to patronize businesses that publicly support veterans and the military. Conversely, 41% of those surveyed would stop spending or greatly reduce their spending with businesses that did not support veterans or the military. I would imagine similar findings in the UK. With survey results like that, what business can afford not to be publicly veteran and military friendly in America or in the UK? Ventures like ours offer legitimate tools and proven strategies for companies wishing to capture more business in the marketplace. GreenZone Hero is proud and honored to collaborate with our Allied partner, Veteran-Owned.UK. It is not only the right thing to do, it’s just plain good business.

(Note: Watch for more information about our other global partnership with The Institute of Project Management, located in Queensland, Australia.)  

GreenZone Hero: A Cause-Related Movement Improving Business For Companies That Recognize Veterans

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Harley-Davidson Becomes a Lifetime Sponsor as a Veteran-Friendly GreenZone Hero

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Heroes Media Group Partners with GreenZone Hero

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Adam's Road to Healing

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BNI and GreenZone Hero Lead the Global Business Network Industry to Connect Business Members to 1.6 Million Veterans in Florida

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A Soldier's Campaign

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Industry Leaders Join GreenZone Hero to Reach a Trillion Dollar Loyal Market

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Free Online Training Resources for Effectively Engaging the Military Community

Internationally accredited project management certifications with courses designed for active duty, transitioning and prior service military.