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1. a single Membership Package


It's simple. We have created a single membership package with a low-price annual fee for your company to join the GreenZone Hero "Veteran-Friendly" online business association. Multiple locations can be added at a significantly reduced rate for each location.  

Signing up your company is a seamless process that gets your customized business listing up and running quickly in front of the trillion-dollar-a-year ($1,000,000,000,000) Veteran marketplace. The renewable listing fee is billed annually.

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2. Create Your company Listing


Creating your business listing on GreenZone Hero is super simple.  Just click on the "Register My Business" button and follow the step-by-step instructions.  We’ve made it easy to enter in your Company name, address, business description, contact information, and as many photos as you would like with one form. Choose your business category or categories, enter in as many details as you want, then submit your listing for a quick approval.  And remember, you can edit and update your listing with more company information or photos whenever you want.

3. Choose Your cyber-Medals


We award five unique cyber-medals that will help Veterans recognize you as a Green Zone Hero Member.  Each medal has a unique meaning including one for Veteran Special Pricing, Veteran-Owned or Managed businesses, Businesses that Employ Veterans, Businesses that Donate to Veteran Charities or Causes, and/or Companies that Hire Disabled Veterans.

Veterans are a loyal, tight-nit community who appreciate the businesses who appreciate them. Sign up today and let the Veteran community know about your company's goods and services and how you care about them.

4. increase your company revenues by creating intrinsic value 


Join the growing GreenZone Hero Association of "Veteran-Friendly" American Businesses that care about the sacrifices made by our Veterans and the Military communities.  We will work hard to create more recognition and more commerce for your company.

The intrinsic value of being a part of our 'veteran-friendly' business association is something that cannot be bought for any amount of money.  Take a step in the right direction and do the right thing for our veterans, apply for a membership as a GreenZone Hero right now!

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Safe Businesses For Veterans

A Green Zone is a safe place in a combat zone, a GreenZone Hero is a "safe" place for veterans and their families and friends to do business.

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