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Ambassadors & Patrons

Our Motivation

To create commerce for American businesses that honor and serve our veterans, active duty military and their families. To build sustainable residual funding for our Nonprofit Ambassadors. We Believe that appreciation and recognition and commerce matters! The veterans who selflessly served our Country deserve it and the businesses that provide veteran friendly goods and services deserve it, too!

We serve those who serve by providing a platform for them to connect with one another. GreenZone Hero provides tangible recognition and appreciation and commerce for both businesses and veterans – a place where veterans in particular and, all Americans in general, can find, select, and show their support by patronizing businesses that openly and proudly “do the right thing“!

We employ, serve, and are even a Veteran-owned company.

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Our Patrons

50 "Veteran-Friendly" American Companies-$5,000 for a Lifetime Membership!  Our FOUNDERS  understand the value of freedom and the need to honor our veterans, active military, and their families.  They understand the concepts of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.   Our SUPPORTERS understand them, too.  They have paid varying dollar amounts above the yearly subscription fee but not to the level of Founder.  We encourage every business in America to join the GreenZone Hero ranks.

They know it is the "right thing to do."

Our Founders

Harley Davidson Hire MadSkills Boars Head SkimKing Law firm of Syprett, Meshad, Resnick, Lieb, Dumbaugh, Jones, Krotec & Westheimer, P.A. Community Aids Network CW Hemp Palmer Ranch Master Association SAAKA

Our Supporters

Mission BBQ Veteran First Responder Healthcare NICA Dickeys BBQ Samaritan PGT Courtyard Marriott ClassicCars.Com Fresh Foods IGA Bank of England Mortgage Ryan Weaver Nation PPI Technologies Big Top Brewing America's Mattress Commando Military Around The Clock Fitness Samaritan PsychArmor Institute Gates BBQ Spartan Wellness Operation Unsung Hero Geckos Grill The Site Firarms Training Vetoga 19Kilo Coffee Everglades Farm Equipment OPTACorp Strong Eagle Media Jessup's Major Appliance Centers BNI-SWFL NAA BMW of Sarasota Bravo748 Kokomojo Bank of Tampa KOA Bad Monkey Straight Blast Gym Empower Processing Adanta Mental Health Four Pillars Fortis, Intl. Sabal Palm Five Guys Jeep Sonny's BBQ Crunch Fitness Benderson Development Brainwave Center AFLAC Mindspa

Free Online Training Resources for Effectively Engaging the Military Community

Safe Businesses For Veterans

A Green Zone is a safe place in a combat zone, a GreenZone Hero is a "safe" place for veterans and their families and friends to do business.

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